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St. William Cathedral of San Fernando City, La Union

St. William Cathedral, San Fernando City, La UnionConsidered as one of the city’s landmarks, the church was founded on 1764 by Fr. Francisco Romero and Santiago Olarte under the advocation of St. William the Hermit.

Originally a Chapel situated at Barrio San Vicente, formerly known as “Pindangan” after which San Fernando was first called. Upon the Canonical Erection of the Diocese of San Fernando and the Solemn Installation of the First Bishop Most Rev. Victorino C. Ligot, D.D. on April 1970, the parish church became St. William Cathedral.

The church was reconstructed by the residents through the efforts of Bishop Santiago C. Sancho in 1947-1949 after it was destroyed during the liberation of the province in 1945 and rededicated on February 10, 1949.

General Information

  • Location: Barangay II (Poblacion), City of San Fernando, La Union
  • Also Known As: Cathedral of Saint William the Hermit (Diocese of San Fernando City, La Union)
  • Patron Saint: St. William the Hermit (San Guillermo)
  • Year Built: 1764
  • Built By: Augustinians (Fr. Francisco Romero and Santiago Olarte)