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Bus Company

Fariñas Transit

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Fariñas Transit Company is one of the major Philippines public transport companies connecting the Luzon provinces to the national capital in Manila. Primarily a passenger coach bus line, the main Manila terminal is in the Sampaloc district of Manila.

Fariñas Transit Company is owned by the late Federico Luna Fariñas Sr., The Bus Company is operated by his son’s which are the Fariñas family of Ilocos Norte, a political family that has served as governors, mayors and councilmen over the course of several generations: most notably from recent news, Ilocos Norte Governor Rodolfo Fariñas (now First District Representative of Ilocos Norte) and Laoag City mayors Roger and Michael V. Fariñas. Two of its rival transportation companies in the Ilocos Region are owned and operated by other political families: the Singsons of Ilocos Sur and the Marcos family of Ilocos Norte.

Rival transportation companies include Partas, GV Florida Transport, Dominion Bus Lines (formerly Times Transit, of the late millionaire Santiago Rondaris but now owned by MENCORP), Philippine Rabbit of Tarlac and Viron Transit (owned by the daughter of late millionaire Santiago Rondaris), even a resurgent Inocencio Aniceto Transportation (owned by the Aniceto family).

General Information

  • Company Name: Fariñas Transit Company
  • Location (Manila): Laon-laan corner M. dela Fuente Sts. Sampaloc, Manila
  • Service Area: Manila-Northern Luzon
  • Service Type: Provincial Operations
  • Telephone Number/s: (+6377) 772 01 26 / (+6377) 772 01 27 (Laoag); (+632) 743 85 82 / (+632) 731 45 07 (Manila)
  • Website: NONE
  • Wikipedia: